Sunday, December 25, 2011

WAZZUB! And Update!


That might at first sound like a really weird way to say, "Wassup!" but its not. Its a new website that you can join for free! It sounds crazy, I know, but I haven't even explained exactly what it does. Shoot! So here I go:
What it is, is that it makes you money. Thats it. All you have to do is type in your email address and then you'll get an email confirming you signed up with a special link like this one!
You can use that link that I just put to go and sign up for it! Please! There it also explains more than I will because there is no point in repeating what they can say better than me. So! Its going to pre-launch on January 1st, so right now you will just be signing up. You use the special link that they send you (like the one I just posted) that'll keep track of how many people you get to sign up. Its a really good plan and its free! Sounds like a scam, but tons of people have already signed up for it that they've had to change over to new servers for higher capacities! Now onto something else.

The fact that I haven't been updating my blog. I am deeply sorry, I know you guys are all just at my feet begging for me to update (not really, but I picture it that way) so here we go! I will NOT be putting one big post because I don't want your guys' brains to be overloaded and have them melt out of your ears. For that would be messy. SO! What I shall be doing will be updating at least once every two days of some stories (that really crazy and cool!) and what is happening in Spain and what is happening in my life! Along with some other stuff. Like cotton candy. Except I don't really like cotton candy... So like turtles. Because they're awesome. Anypoodle! I will be updating, so keep your eyes peeled (please not literally)!

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