Monday, December 26, 2011

Guardian? I'll Take Two!

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

The first part is semi-true but I'm pretty sure we stayed in the same galaxy. By 'we' I mean my dad (Danny), Nicky (my sister), and I. This is the background story and then the grand finale!

My dad would always come back home from work in the summer time and, being out of school, my sister and I would wait for him with our bathing suits on, ready to go to the beach! This would happen 5 days out of the week, so we got pretty good at swimming but I lost it all over the years (I'm not sure exactly what year it was, but I was most likely around 9 or 10). Not completely, but thats besides the point! Gosh! Come on! Okay. After the beach, we went along a road which, instead of having a ditch, had a cliff. We were all having fun with our slurpees that my dad purchased and my sister did something that distracted my dad. He looked into the back seat and wasn't watching the road; there was a corner coming up and he didn't start turning. By the time he turns around, we're all screaming and we all shut our eyes, my dad slams on the brakes and we stop. Except we didn't stop where you think we would for the cliff was on the other side of the road. To get to the cliff that we were at, we had to cross the road. So we open our eyes and we are all of a sudden on the right side of the road and alive. We're all really happy but completely awestruck, so we all get out of the Jeep (I miss that red beast) and go check the tire tracks on the gravel by the cliff. To our amazement, we saw them when my dad was slamming on the brakes, but just before the cliff's edge, they stopped. A straight line. That's when we ended up back on the road. Craziness! Now for the explanation.

God granted me with a vision. A really awesome one! This happened around the first two weeks that I was here and I was reading my bible, spending some time with my Father. I close my eyes to pray and standing in front of me is this being that was probably about 10-11 feet (304-335 cm). He was completely clothed in white with strips of gold lining his body. He also had wings; magnificently, wonderful wings that spanned probably 20 feet (6.09 m)! My very first reaction: COOOOL! So I opened my eyes and he was gone. So I continue on with reading my bible and then this little voice inside of my head says, "That's your guardian angel." I almost crapped myself. So I quickly close my eyes and I see him again. This time I am able to see that he is wearing a helmet like this one:
Now, it looked like that one, but with two bands of gold feathers wrapping around the top of the helmet. They both started at the centre, one went left, the other right. And it was all very shiny and completely gold. Jesus started speaking to me saying, "This is your guardian angel. He has been around you your entire life." The angel then unsheathed his sword and threw it at me. I caught it with my right hand and it was giant! Double-edged and insanely sharp! Around 6-7 feet (182-213 cm); bigger than I am! Yet, it was light as a feather. I then opened my eyes and I was looking at my bible. Jesus told me, "This is the sharpest weapon there has ever been and ever will be. Use it wisely." I agreed! Its crazy though, because I always thought I had a guardian angel and I was blessed to be able to see him! AWW YEAAHH!

Well thats enough story for now. I shall be posting another one tomorrow. Take care and remember: Eat skittles.

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