Monday, October 17, 2011

Learning, Learning, Learning!

So it would seem as though I need to write some more stuff on this here blog of mine. This is something that I shall do then. As I'm writing this, I am realizing that you guys will be reading this and wondering to yourself, "Is this guy bloody crazy?! We can't see into his mind, nor are reading what he's typing as he's typing it." This is a correct accusation, I am crazy for typing it like I am. But! If you guys just had super powers, then this would be a lot less awkward. Now onto what happened in the last week.

A lot happened.

The end.

That's basically the truth, but I'm going to try to sum it up as best as I can. First order of things, my asthma acted up and I had no inhaler. Hooray! Luckily it only last about an hour of me coughing non-stop. What brought on the asthma attack you say? Well all the leaders at the base thought it would be fun to take us through an obstacle course. At first, I was very excited for it. I've always liked obstacle courses, with all the challenges that have to be overcome to get to the end and all that jazz. Except they took us on one of the hottest days ever. It was probably like 35-40℃ outside that day which I thought I would be able to handle. Except here in Spain, it's hot for a lot longer than it is over in Canada. So it was super dry outside. Plus! The obstacle course was in a desert-like setting. So it was very dusty. With all of the dust built up from 3 other people going before I did, it really sucked. It felt like my chest was going to explode. When I was doing the obstacle course, they kept on making up the rules as it went along. So I would come up to an obstacle and I thought I knew what I was doing, but, oh, how wrong I was. I would have to start over and try it again and again. That sucked. Then there was a suspension bridge made of rope that we had to cross for the last obstacle. I thought, "I've done these before! Piece of cake!" Again, I was so wrong. They were shaking the bridge so much, that I had to lay on one side of the railing and drag myself along. This resulted in a lot of rope burns all across my back and my armpit. So, in the end, I was really sore and barely learned anything of the lesson they were trying to teach because I was too busy coughing my lungs up. Hooray!

Now I probably could've summarized that a lot better, but I really wanted to get across what an adventure it was for me. Now onto the next thing on list, what I learned this week. It's a lot, so I'm gonna do my best to just hit the main points that made an impact in my life.

In the first couple of days, my head was ready to explode from everything that I was taking in. I didn't have enough RAM to process exactly what I was receiving. Yet even though I was having such a hard time at coping with all the knowledge I was getting, out came a lesson. Patience! God was trying to teach me to be patient. That He is always going to be able to provide me with an answer to the questions or troubles that I will go through in life. So instead of me trying to rush towards the end of it all, that I should really look at the process and focus on how I am dealing with the challenges in life. This concept was given to me: "Take care of the possible. God will handle the impossible." This also goes along with: "God isn't going to do what you are able to do." With those two concepts in hand, I was then able to focus on the individual steps that I had to do to understand and decipher what I was receiving.

Hopefully that last paragraph made sense. The next most important thing that happened, was that God's hand isn't moved by our faith. It's by His love for us that things are put into place. We can't think that if we pray with such power, with such faith that what we are praying for, be it healing or provision, will happen. If God doesn't want it to happen, it's not going to happen. Menstruation (aka period). So we have to come to Him first, our Father, and ask Him for guidance. If someone comes to us saying that they have cancer, and we just automatically start praying for healing and all this stuff that sounds super powerful. If God doesn't want them to be healed, they aren't gonna receive healing. Which will then only bring upon depression in our walk with Him, along with guilt and all of this other crap. So instead, we must seek Him first. Ask Him, "We don't know how to pray, Father. Please give us guidance as to what to do in this time of need." That also put to rest a lot of stuff in my mind.

So that is that! Another week down and a lot of stuff has been soaked up. My knowledge is growing and so is my relationship with Jesus, but not only Him. With everyone here at the YWAM base and other relationships back home. This is a long blog post and I tried my best to summarize. Hopefully it makes sense, please comment with feedback. With that, I bid you farewell till next time!

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