Sunday, October 2, 2011

First freakin' week!

You know what’s the best part about travelling alone?


I have had one of the most interesting weeks of my entire life! Interesting, in this case, is a bad thing. First, I arrive at the Toronto airport with maybe about 0 minutes left to get to my next flight. I have never run so fast in my life.

Second, I go through all my other connecting flights and arrive in Madrid, Spain. I walk over to the luggage claim area, feeling pretty happy for making it here, and I wait for my luggage. One hour passes and there is no sight of my luggage. Fun? You betcha! I then had to put in a complaint and they tracked my bag and all that jazz.

Third, I arrive at my destination in Caceres, Spain. Getting off the train, I find Natio (who was picking me up) and we drive down to the school. I meet everyone at the school and eat some supper, walk up to my room, empty my pockets and guess what I don’t have? My wallet! Hoooooooooooly craaaaaaaaaaap! This is the point where I lost my mind. I broke down crying (really tired from all the flying and everything) and we search everywhere for it. So we phone the train station and they are closed. Woohoo! *Insanely unimpressed face*

Continuing on through the week, I find my wallet and my suitcase arrives in under a day. Hooray? Nope. About three days into the week, one of the students (Marina) gets a really bad stomachache. No biggy, right? Wrong. She ends up throwing up about three times in the night and the other girl (Amélie) ends up getting sick the very next day. I’m feeling sorry for them, wanting them to get better and everything, and then all of a sudden I have an urge to run to the toilet and throw up all of my lunch. Hooray… So I probably up-chucked about 10 times that day. Plus I had diarrhea, an insanely terrible stomachache and massive headaches/disorientation.

So that’s the life of the Exciting Spaniard so far! At least I am living up to the name…

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  1. Aw buddy, I feel your pain so deeply.

    Toronto lost my luggage coming back from Liberia.

    I couldn't believe it. through 9 weeks and 8 flights between Liberia and Sierra Leone, not one lost article, but then the second I land in Canada, BAM, luggage gone.

    Also, I'm very sorry to hear about the highly horrible travelers diarrhea. That is a beast. I only had one case of that, and that was in the jungle in Liberia. Good times.