Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Roller Coaster of Insanity!

So I know that my last blog post was quite a long time ago, and that I was totally planning on having some more being up here, but that didn't really work out quite so well... So here is that one personal experience that you guys were all waiting for! Along with some others that were pretty crazy on my outreach!

Bram wanted to give us a time to try out some of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. He said he would go around to each of us and pray for the Holy Spirit to just fill us up more and more. While he was praying, we were to ask Him for the gift that we wanted to try out, one that we hadn't yet experienced or wanted to see happen. At first, I wanted to be able to speak tongues with an uncontrollable tongue because I think that would be really crazy cool! Maybe a little weird, but still quite cool. I then realized, that I have been able to do that before, so I started thinking about it and I came to the conclusion that I have never had the interpretation for the angel language. So I ask Him for that, and right when I do, Bram starts speaking in tongues and I instantly get an interpretation saying this, "Jack, you are my beloved son. I take great delight in you!" Hearing that directly from my Father was an unexplainable experience. I just start smiling and crying tears of joy! So then I went over to Allann who was going crazy with the angelic language and so I just stand beside him and I start getting the interpretation right away! He was prophesying over the entire outreach that we were going on and it was just a crazy experience! One other gift that I got to try out was that of knowledge. I went over and sat beside David and I just felt like I should pray for him. So I put my hand on him and I start a little prayer and I get this image from God about a part of David's past (I won't repeat it because I don't know if David wants me to reveal it or not). At first, I thought it was just one of my crazy little fantasies, but I thought, "What the heck! I might as well talk to him about it!" So I call over Natio for a translation and it turns out that it was a part of his past! Wow! That was pretty crazy to me! Yet it didn't quite stop there because God had only began opening the floodgates of heaven.

I have lots and lots of stories to tell, but I shall tell this one that goes along with the spirit realm. I have been asking God to train my spiritual senses because I just want to be able to experience that kind of stuff in a crazy way! So we were working with this one Assembly of God church and at one of their services, we went aside with the youth and Allann was sharing his testimony and just some other things and we would ask questions and that sort of jazz. Then Amélie piped up and said that she felt like she needed to share this part of her testimony. I can't remember exactly what it was about, but I do remember all of a sudden getting freezing cold, just a ridiculous amount of cold air was blown across my entire body and I shivering like crazy. I had the goosebumps and everything! Amélie is crying while sharing her testimony and I'm just thinking to myself, "Something crazy is going on in the spiritual realm right now!" Right after she had finished speaking, I had an overwhelming amount of comfortable heat run through my body. It was like receiving one of the best massages in the world! I then ask God, "What the heck just happened?" Well, He replies by saying, "We won, Jack! The demons were getting really pissed that Amélie was sharing about my love and so that is why you were so cold, but in the end, we won!" I knew this to be true right away because there was some new youth there that had never been in the church before we had arrived there and they were all so amazed by her testimony and I could tell that they had all been really touched by God's love at that moment. David also had a really crazy experience at that same time that I had mine. It was just such an awesome time!

I have many, many more stories to be sharing with you guys! They involve battle of the gruesomest of types, completely insane spiritual experiences and just some really awesome fun times! Strap yourselves in and get ready for a pretty crazy ride in the coming week!

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