Sunday, February 12, 2012


So, who wants to know more craziness? Sure! Why not! The Holy Spirit has really been showing me just how real the spiritual realm is. Here are some stories to prove it!

When we (the DTS) were in Portugal, I went into the sanctuary of the church to just sit and be in God's presence. I didn't start saying anything, but upon sitting down, I closed my eyes and I had this ringing in my left ear. I was kind of confused by this, but it has been quite normal for me. So I just leave it, yet the same ringing starts in my right ear too! Its a lot louder than the left one and I am just kind of like, "What the heck man! This is weird." So I just leave it and then I feel this tingling sensation running across my head, starting from the left side and the right side. It reaches the middle of my head and then it gets really intense, the tingling, and I really don't know what to think. I am bewildered and confused as to what is happening to me. I then hear the pastor's phone ring, so I answer it and God starts speaking to me! No, I'm just kidding, that didn't happen, would be cool, but I just took it to the pastor. I go back to the sanctuary and sit down again and upon closing my eyes I see this angel fly above my head and I hear it screech! A noise like nothing I have heard before! I was then asking God what the heck was going on. He replies, "The left ear was hearing hell shout and scream. The right ear was hearing heaven shout praises and scream 'AU! AU! AU!' When the tingling started, this is when both sides started rushing towards each other and they collided in a headlong battle. This battle is not over Jack." Those last words were quite powerful. Allann was preaching that night about evangelism and I knew that the spiritual realm was having a huge fight! So I knew warriors were going to be produced from that preaching and so it was! The funny thing is, is that those last words God spoke are still ringing true. "This battle is not over."

I have had such an honour of being pumped up and ready for war by one of the greatest war generals of all time! I was listening to "Oh, Sleeper" one morning in Portugal. The album is called "Son Of The Morning" which is another name for Satan. The album starts out with Satan challenging God calling Him a weak forgiver and wasting power on grace and things like this. Well the songs after that one are about God showing Himself to people and recruiting them into His army. The last song in the album is called "The Finisher." This is a kingdom song! This is God's answer to Satan's challenge. Wow! Its crazy! God says things like, "Your whisper may sway the weak, but when I speak it roars the seas." "Your challenge has been met and with a breath I can snap your neck." "I will sing to the world your storm is capturing; and the angels will join me. We will sing to a world reborn from suffering." "But mark my words! Cause if that tree keeps them from seeing me, I'll burn of your limbs, you'll never shade again!" "You'll bow at my feet, or I'll rip out your knees! And make of your face all the carnage you crave!" "I am the Finisher and I am forever!" "From the armories the angels sing. You will see them end this suffering. From the armories the angles sing. You will fear them when they lift their wings." Now this is where this story goes crazy! Right here, about when he (the lead singer) says, "From the armories..." I am just getting all this, I really don't know, but like this feeling of being excited and happy mixed with fury against hell and the powers of darkness! It was like I was getting prepared for battle! Right when he says this next line, "They will sing to a world reborn! They will sing..." I am just getting this feeling more and more intense throughout my entire body! He continues, "As I... Cut off your horns! I'll cut off your horns!" Boom! I just explode and raise my fist in the air! I felt like I was just drawing my sword and shouting at the top of my longs, ready to go slaughter some demons! It was a crazy experience. Also, if you look up the album art, you'll see that it resembles a pentagram except the top two points are gone. That is because the pentagram is the face of a goat; the bottom being the beard, the left and right being the ears, and the top being the horns. Since God ripped the horns off, so are they gone from the pentagram. So awesome!

Hopefully this has been the kind of thing you were looking for today! If not, well this is the kind of stuff that happens all around us and yet we are still a part of it. Its crazy and pretty darn cool at the same time! I shall be posting another update soon (I don't know when, but soon!) and I will have some more stories for you guys! Keep on keeping on! Drink some hot chocolate and eat some marshmallows! 

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